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Our team of experts has worked hard to put together these FAQs, drawing from their extensive knowledge and experience in the car detailing industry. We strive to address common inquiries and provide you with expert guidance to make informed decisions about your car’s care.

We are a car detailing company. That is the main reason as there is a huge difference between Car Washers & Car Detailers. Car Washers are intended to clean the obvious dirt off your vehicle but a proper detailer will break down your entire vehicle into hundreds of tiny sections, then work on them one at a time until your car is cleaned, refinished and protected.

Yes it is, please enquire with us about this.

It all depends on your vehicle condition. Normal Full detailing can be done in one full solid day means 6-8 hours.

All of our products and equipment are professional grade high quality and environmentally friendly.

Clay bars should only be used as necessary when they are needed.

No Ceramic Coating on the market is completely scratch, rock chip or fire proof. Only PPF( Paint Protection Films) will protect against scratches and rock chips.

We would love to be able to bring your vehicles back to perfection every time. In reality, a 100% flawless result is pretty rare. Usually we can get close, but not necessarily “good as New”. Sometimes chasing a specific stain or scratch becomes unsafe for the vehicle. So we think about the longevity of the car.

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